Alla Campanella

After traveling throughout the world, Alla Campanella has lived in the US since 1992. A longtime student of the arts and humanities, she enjoys her work as an artist and photographer. Alla was inspired to write this book because she heard so many personal and painful secrets from her clients about their failures and foibles and wanted them to face these realities rather than hide from them.




Ken is a public speaker, author, humorist and minister enjoying the second and truer half of life. He holds two graduate theological degrees and is trained as a life coach, conflict manager and transition specialist. He enjoys laughter, golf, and traveling, but finds his greatest fulfillment helping other people discover their true value as human beings. Ken is a native Texan who loves the beauty and the people of North Carolina, where he and Alla reside.

More About Ken

Ken does fund-raising and conference sessions on a variety of topics that are both entertaining and informative. He is happy to work within organizational themes.

Ken’s unique passion is addressing spiritual issues in non-religious settings. His presentations about love, personal well-being, relationships and integrity draw from many religious traditions but are non-sectarian. 50 years ago, business leaders didn’t see value in psychological insights for their employees. Now, business conferences are filled with people who speak about emotional intelligence, systems theory and various personality models. Business leaders now understand that their employees create more value for their companies when they gain more self-awareness.

This move toward greater self-awareness can go further and deeper. People are not only physical and psychological beings. They have souls in a passionate search for meaning. Ken’s presentations are designed to bring spiritual self-awareness to people who may or may not be religious. He encourages people to embrace and satisfy their spiritual longings because this is a powerful road to personal and social fulfillment.